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Energy Procurement Services
for Hospitals, Factories,
Industrial Facilities,
Restaurants and More.

Large Energy Users

Buying energy can be complex and time consuming. We make it simple and help lower your energy cost. How? We combine expert advice with great products to fit the needs of our customers. Our specialty is in electricity, natural gas, and renewable energy products.

Energy intensive operations have complex issues that require a comprehensive approach. Our expertise in energy markets is second to none. We will design a detailed energy commodity strategy for you and procure energy at the lowest possible prices. Our suppliers are the most competitive and reliable in the industry.

Procurement Process:

1. Needs Evaluation and Energy Analysis

Our process starts with a face to face through needs analysis. We want to understand and evaluate your specific energy needs and budget requirements. Our assessment will examine your risk tolerance, facility profile, demand reduction potential, goals, and objectives. We will collect and analyze your historical energy usage data. Our analysis will calculate key energy metrics and examine load shapes and usage patterns

2. Commodity Strategy

We review the results of Step-1 with you in detail. Based on our findings and forward market conditions, will recommend a strategy and product mix (fixed, variable, or combination) to meet your uniquie requirements. Key benchmarks will be estabshed to formulate RFP requirements.

3. Supplier Qualification and Competitive Bidding

We qualify suppliers based on financial condition, contract language, track record, and other factors. We will collaborate with your legal team to review energy contracts and negotiate acceptable terms and conditions prior to competitive bidding. We conduct a competitive bidding process based on your unique specifications.

4. Contract Execution

After completion of the competive bidding process, we will work with you to execute contracts and verify enrollment. We will also review your first bill to answer any question and verfiy it reflects correct pricing and contract requirements.

Service Options

We can provide complete energy procurement services from RFP development to award. Alternatively, if you are an experienced energy buyer, we can be an additional trusted supply source. Either way, we always work on your behalf to secure the best source and price for energy.

Fees Structure

Customer understands that Clear Point Energy earns brokerage fees or commissions on the sale of energy products. Such fees are included in the energy contract prices of the chosen supplier. Customer does not pay any fees directly to Clear Point Energy unless otherwise agreed in advance. While most brokers hide their Fees, Clear Point brokerage fees are fully disclosed and agreed upfront with client. Alternative fee structures are available including hourly service rates or retainers.
*Saving will vary by utility market, usage pattern, and tax status.

In just 3 minutes, you can be on your way to saving on your energy bill.


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