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ClearPoint Energy's live
reverse auction puts the power
of the deregulated energy
market in your hands.

Reverse Auction

Our reverse auction platform is new tool for those client’s that need a more transparent procurement process. Suppliers bid for your business in declining clock “live” auction. Each supplier bids the next lowest price until the auction event time period expires. The auction is highly competitive and encourages suppliers to bid the lowest possible price.


  • Client can monitor the auction "live" while it is happening.
  • Complete audit trail of auction results.
  • Web hosted application.
  • On line portal for suppliers and clients.

Fees Structure

Customer understands that Clear Point Energy earns brokerage fees or commissions on the sale of energy products. Such fees are included in the energy contract prices of the chosen supplier. Customer does not pay any fees directly to Clear Point Energy unless otherwise agreed in advance. While most brokers hide their Fees, Clear Point brokerage fees are fully disclosed and agreed upfront with client.

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